Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Scene
I've been sleepwalking through the work week for months. Proof positive that it's a problem: today as I was leaving The Office, I backed up straight into a post. Came out of nowhere, I swear.

Dented my bumper pretty badly. Sigh. Good thing my car's a junker anyway. And that I was on my way to meet up with Juana for some dinner and giggles.

It is physically impossible to be sad around her. I think she should chuck the engineering career and become a comedienne.

One that's hot and tan. Not one that wears mannish suits or gets excessive plastic surgery.

Or she should put all the experience with top secret government clearances to better use. As Obama's food taster. Hmmm-hmmmm.

Tonight Juana treated me to a FANCY feast of sushi at Katsu for my birfday. LOOOVE!

By the third course, I had completely forgotten about my job and my bumper.

By the fifth, I'd forgotten about Mr. D. Was ready to ask Juana to marry me. We went to an all-girls high school. remember ;)

Truly one of the best sushi dinners of my life.

And as Juana said tonight, I am a world class pig.

After dinner, we headed over to see J's beach-side bachelorette pad. Adorable. Almost as adorable as J rocking the purse I brought her back from Hawaii!

Made me UBER nostalgic for the days I had a girly condo of my very own. No stinky boy stuff allowed.

The whole night also made me nostalgic for the days Juana and I worked just a few minutes away from each other. For two years, we'd have sushi lunches and happy hour cocktails any old time we wanted. Really helped each other get through some rough times...Gawd, we both really need to make some changes.

The Outfit
Forever 21 top
Robert Rodriquez skirt
Trench bought in Austria

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs hobo
Forever 21 necklace
Gap espadrilles
Chanel earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Woke up still singing Sunday Morning.

Then I got my daily email from Who What Wear Daily which confirmed today I should rock stripes.

Been looking for just the right new stripped top

Loving this Rachel Pally one getting heavy rotation on Shopbop

Love the slouch

Especially shoulder baring slouch.

Have been lusting for this DVF dress for months too. Hundreds of dollars even on sale though.

Might have to settle for this Anthropologie cuteness instead. Less than$100.

Not sure what I was thinking with the Gap espadrilles today. Took an A outfit down to a B. Next time I'll leave the head to toe stripes to stylish men on The Sartorialist.


Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about that pole that came out of nowhere! ;)
That's a cute purse from Hawaii.

Juana said...

Good times!

WendyB said...

I love that striped dude. He looks happy!

Rachee said...

I ran out and about the F21 necklace the moment you posted about it. I got both the black and cream. love!

F21 srsly needs to give you a cut. It's only fair.

Sable Crow said...

You forgot to mention that you wore a MAGIC F21 necklace like from D&D!

It's a Diabolina Glowing necklace of protection +4! Takes me back to my 20-sided die days. Nerd sigh.

Sable Crow

Fashion Intel said...

Looks like fun.
I say we should plan a Diabolina + Fashion Intel meet up before years end! What do you think?

amber said...

I have my eye on that Anthro sweetness, myself. ;)


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