Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Scene
Went in to see the female specialist today. Brought my mom along as my own little adorable Oprah-recommended health advocate. First time she's been to a doctor appointment with me in over a decade. Helped so much to have her there to hold my hand.

We liked everything about this doctor. She's a unique blend - part professional physician, part warm earth mother. She strongly believes that healing requires working with the heart and soul as well as the traditional tools of western medicine. She believes in treating the whole human being, not just the problem set.

Her recommended approach is clearing up this severe reaction I've been having to last week's procedure. Could take up to a month. She wants me to go to Hawaii, manage the pain with medication, relax and heal. Thank the baby jesus.

She'll reassess symptoms in a few weeks and decide then whether she'd recommend a biopsy. She doesn't take putting people under and cutting into them lightly. She says the abnormalities the other doctor observed could be a result of inflammation that could have been caused by a simple infection or even hormonal fluctuations.

Left the office feeling relieved that Mr. D and I can go on our much needed vacation. But felt utterly confused about what to do when we get back. This is all taking me back to the frustrating weeks after we found out about my mom's tumor. When every doctor we saw was telling us something different. In the end, so much of modern medicine is still a guessing game.

In the evening, I put on a brave face and met up with Yvette to have her take a look at the pieces I pulled for her. Even though she hasn't traditionally been much of a statement necklace kinda girl, she fell for quite a few of the Fashion District pieces I chose. YAY. Knew they'd look gorg on her.

She ultimately chose this simple tunic as one of the final options for her backstage duties at this weekend's BET Awards. Her goal was to feel comfortable for running around from 7 am to 10 pm AND not look like she was trying too hard. Think the flattering casual fit with the built in pretty necklace make it the perfect choice. She plans to pair it with leggings, bracelets, wedges and hot hair. Picked it up at Lane Bryant, $59.

Yvette also loved the simple but chic tunic I nabbed for her at Forever 21. A perfect blank palette she can accessorize a million different ways for the after-parties. Picked it up in two sizes so she could choose how she wanted to wear it: as a mini dress or as a long tunic type top.

Knew the draping would fall beautifully on curves. And loved the peek-a-boo in the back. Was sooooooooo pleased she did too. I mean, who wouldn't love something that makes your tush look this great AND only costs $22?

I just hope Beyonce and Hallie don't try to steal Yvette's thunder. Ugh to those attention whores :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Gucci scarf
Marc Jacobs shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

Suffering from the worst case of ass face this week. Ughs. Doesn't help that I can't be bothered to put on makeup when I'm feeling sick.

Built the outfit around the shoes - in an attempt to draw attention away from the world weary eyes.

Still loving all things reddish orange.

Here are some great splashes of red from Marni Resort 2010.

The skirt of today's dress is more orangey red

Which can be easier to wear than head to toe orange

But nothing is easier to wear than one shouldered red Lanvin. It's what I'd wear to the BET Awards fo shiz!


lookrichbitch said...

glad to know things are going well. i guess i knew already since you were on vacay! but still!

smoochies girl!

WendyB said...

"ass face" -- my new favorite phrase!

JCHokie said...

Those shoes are too stinkin' cute!

StartingOver@28 said...

Glad you are getting a second opinion!

Lynn Tran said...

Good riddance to the a-hole doctor who made you feel bad and yay to finding a doctor with good bedside manners and treats you as a whole person, not just the sick part.

tam pham said...

you look adorable! yay for the good news.

amber said...

Those tunics look great on Yvette - nice work!

Yay for getting to a doctor that isn't a butcher. And one that makes you comfortable.


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