Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Scene
This afternoon, I had an appointment at Father's Office in Culver City. Meet my newest styling client the lovely Yvette. Like me, she is an L.A. native with Central American roots and a mommy that's her biggest fan. Love love and more love. She's also driven and articulate and self-deprecating. She is the very definition of a mover and shaker.

Five years ago, Yvette left the corporate world and started her own PR and events company Simply Events LA. She handles fabulous events for a roster of clients ranging from non-profits to the Playboy Mansion. Today we met to focus on what she'll wear for her next big event: the BET Awards! She'll be working backstage during the show next Sunday wrangling the performers and turning it out at the glam after-parties in Hollywood. So.exciting!

Yvette reached out to me because she's found herself in a bit of fashion rut. Flip flops and jeans have become de rigeur. Partly because she works from home and partly because she's gone up a few sizes recently.

We'll be doing a full wardrobe consultation this summer but for now I just want to get her feeling fabulous and looking memorable. Think a style tune-up might be just what she needs to take her business to the next level. Especially in the image-conscious, uber competitive entertainment industry.

As a small business owner, Yvette has a limited budget to revamp her wardrobe. So after our meeting I headed to Recessionista heaven: the Fashion District.

She has to wear all black backstage at the awards show on Sunday so I figured we should start with some fabulous accessories that pop.

Yvette is more of a dainty jewelry girl but with her gorg coloring and frame and that face, she can carry bolder, look-at-me pieces. My goal is to have Beyonce asking Yvette where she got her necklace ;)

Picked up some fun stuff - none priced at more than $20. Hope she hearts them. Tomorrow I'll hunt down clothing options for her at Macy's, Nordstrom and Forever's new Faith 21 line.

In the afternoon, got my toes painted just in time to head down to the Jonathan Beach Club.

For the chichi birthday party of Mr. D's boss who just happens to be our favorite partner at The Firm.

Fabulous evening on the beach.

A little preview of Hawaii. The one week countdown has begun.

The Outfit
H&M dress
Vintage trench coat

The Accessories
Fashion District ring
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
Marc Jacobs bag
DKNY sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

No fashion emergency this morning. Knew exactly what I wanted to wear to meet Yvette. Been dying to don this purple dress since summer started.

Figured it would work perfectly with the trench if I tied things together with some turquoise jewelry.

Purple was hot on the Spring runways

And has been even hotter on the red carpet lately.

Have my eye on a couple of little beachy BCBG numbers right now

Thought about changing for the party this evening since the dress is so sheer.

But figured if there was ever a group of people who need more sexy in their lives it's lawyers ;)

Made the right call since the birthday boy ended up shirtless by the end of the night!!!!!!!!

His wife died laughing when I thanked her for a lovely evening and for the pleasure of seeing her husband's boobs ;)


Fashion Intel said...

It is such a delight reading your blog because your words are always so encouraging. I cannot wait to see how Yvette looks. Also, is she hiring?

tam pham said...

cute purple dress. yay for yvette! can't wait to see the style transformation :-).

WendyB said...

I've never seen anyone who I thought couldn't carry off bolder jewelry. It's just a matter of confidence.

sarah said...

I love the dress and the pink toenails!

lookrichbitch said...

i'm always so impressed by you! i swear when i can't decide what to wear, i think, "how would d do it?"

amber said...

I spy one of my favorite necklaces in that bunch. ;) Good for you for getting another girl to love big jewelry - I can't thank you enough for converting me.


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