Monday, May 4, 2009

The Scene

Turned a Meh Monday into a Met Monday ;)

To get through the day, I devoured every detail I found about tonight's "Model as Muse" Met Ball.

Daydreamed about being greeted by the ball's three hosts.

Arguably THE arbiters of style on the planet.

I fantasized about being a Gossip Girl at the Ball.

Instead of an ugly stepsister at home watching TV ;(

In my dream, however, I was not dressed like a court jester crossed with a Russian ballerina

Or Princess Jasmine crossed with a tranny hooker.

The Outfit
3.1 Phillip Lim dress
Forever 21 eyelet jacket

The Accessories
H&M belt
Me&Ro necklace
Chanel bag
Chloe sunglasses
Marc Jacobs pumps

The Grade

The Commentary

Still crushing on blue dresses today.

And Phillip Lim ;)

Loved the black bow belt today with the ruffly jacket and the bow heels.

Deliciously feminine yet still professional.

Blue was definitely the zeitgiest color today at the Met ball

There were short blue dresses

And long blue dresses

Big fussy ones

And slim sparkly ones

Blue dresses with up to THERE slits.

Legs were definitely THE erogenous zone on display tonight.

There were even mullet dresses to show them off - short in the front and long in the back.

Not my favorite look.

Crotch length is not what I think when I think evening or glamour.

I mean I GET it. These are some of the most flawless bodies on the planet. They want to flaunt them. They SHOULD flaunt them.

But for me exposing tons of skin doesn't read particularly elegant or chic. Maybe it's because I am old and Catholic - the ultimate prude combo ;)

Mile long legs weren't the only body part giving me a coronary tonight. Lots of exposed back action too.

Think I'll take an exposed back over the threat of a crotch flash any day.

Particularly when the dress is as chic as this. LOVE!

Think floor length and vaguely grecian is more my evening style.

Asymmetrical is also a favorite.

And what Chanel girl doesn't adore short white with rosettes?

Think the main thing that struck me about the fashion tonight was that it is a fine line between beautiful and overworked.

Keep in mind the looks tonight were very editorial and runway given the Model as Muse theme.

But in real life they just read too TOO.

Short too too.

And poufy too too

And architectural too too

And metallic too too

And lace TOO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never been more glad to see just a chic LBD.

See, simple can still be sexy.

There was color tonight that popped in a good elegant way

That sparkled just so.

These were my two winning dresses of the night - dramatic but still fresh.

And these were my favorite boy looks ;)

Worst dressed: Madonna in Vuitton. She looked like a deranged Playboy bunny. A moment of silence, folks. The material girl has finally lost it.


weezermonkey said...

Love this dress. Definitely an A.

lookrichbitch said...

Princess Jasmine x tranny hooker = hysterical!

i crush on your dress too!

tam pham said...

ditto what weemo and lrb said!

Rosie said...

LOL at this line "I am old and Catholic - the ultimate prude combo ;)"

mindy said...

Not a great idea to read this post while eating an entire bag of Kettle chips...only way to make it positive is to think that these girls have never experienced YUMMY treats!

Rachee said...

Witty and spot on. Best Met recap.

kelse said...

great post, great commentary too. Although I LOVED Sasha P's peacock dress! Haha, I'm a sucker for a good peacock number, what can I say.

WendyB said...

I love that Madonna went for the bunny ears. She can do what she wants. It's like - you may not like what she's wearing, but she's still Madonna and we're not!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

You nailed all of the looks. I agree--the usually chic Gossip Girls looked AWFUL. (Was that comment about Blake looking "tranny" a reference to her comment about how she often feels like one?! Nowhere was this more apparent!) Your look is so elegant and chic.

Yuri said...

what a great post on the MET gala!
Love it!
Links exchange? ^o^


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