Monday, May 18, 2009

Diabolina Don't
Celebs thinking they can design clothes just because, um, they wear clothes.
I heart fashion. For a lay person, I think I have a pretty good eye for it. Like most of the country, I love me some Project Runway, er, The Fashion Show too.

But I will never pretend to know the first thing about designing clothes or accessories for the masses. Just don't have the training. Sadly, neither do many of the celebs hawking their own creations.

Exhibit A:
White satin + lace + peek-a-boo + harem pants jumpsuit =DON'T EVER NEVER EVER DO IT. If it isn't flattering on one of the best bodies on the planet then why would a regular woman ever need it in her wardrobe?

Exhibit 2: Yes, the bustier is pretty. Yes the length is flattering. But see that bunching at the crotch? Subtle but not good at all.

Fit is critical for real women. If the fit isn't impeccable, it's not worth shelling out major cash. A Forever 21 piece that actually fits and flatters is always a wiser choice than a designer one that doesn't.

Exhbit C: White and satin AH-gain?? Couldn't be less practical or less flattering for real life. Bottom line: relive your magical wedding on your own time, Katie.

Now the jacket COULD be fierce in black styled with great denim. How bout trying your hand at day time separates? Or better yet cool mommy looks? I think the biggest underserved slice of women are young mothers who are struggling to reconcile their new identities with new routines and oftentimes new bodies. Why not give them stylish alternatives to sweats and sneakers?

Exhibit D: Loves the styling of this recent look: the grey shoe with the blue, the shurken leather jacket by The Row, no jewelry. But the dress is the piece Katie and her stylist are thinking of selling to the public. WHY OH WHY would the average sized woman want ruching across the hips?

Now I don't player hate on Katie. A good friend of mine is a longtime friend of hers. She's worked hard, had a bit of luck and made it. I get it.

But to have the means to create and promote your own brand would be a dream for so many of us who love fashion. The wasted opportunity to make stylish, affordable clothes that actually work for real women makes me want to weep. Seriously.

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WendyB said...

I can tolerate the clothing lines but when they start doing jewelry I want to slap them.

Planetalf said...

mmm i like katie's looks. i don't think they're GREAT but they're not as terrible as you make those outfits seem...

sure, they're reminicent of a wedding for the regular person...but celebrities can get away with stuff like that.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I completely agree with your commentary. All of the designs look like something that came out of the bargain bin at the local crappy thrift store. Yuck. And Katie's style has become more staid with every debilitating year she spends with Tom.

Emily said...

I think these outfits are her cries for help made into cloth. It's just strange to me that for a while there she was looking amazing at all times, and then she started wearing Tom's jeans, and it's been downhill from there. Why the change?

amber said...

I like your idea about cute alternatives to sweats and sneakers for the young mom set. Why no one has jumped on this is beyond me....


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