Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Scene
Tonight Mr. Diabolina and I were invited to the launch party of the first CB2 store in Los Angeles.

Confession: We are THOSE yuppies that loooove Crate and Barrel so the thought of goodie bags had us positively giddy all day.

The event was surprisingly quite the hot ticket tonight in WeHo. Tons of pretty interior-designer-type gays in natty glasses and fab splashes of color. Should have invited Sable Crow. He would have fit right in with his Diabolina makeover.

On the ladies side, I was floored by the number of HIGH END designer purse/shoe combos I spied. Like this Goyard purse and Chanel flats. Yum! Apparently L.A. fashinionistas who drop serious cash on accessories, skimp on home decor. I know that's been my m.o. for the last decade.

Had a great time scopping out the cheap chic trinkets

And sucking down tasty cocktails and finger foods. Ugh, put free anything in front of us and we suddenly become po' college students.

Bought some cool wall art and a new pillow that we didn't need but knew would work perfectly with our Crate and Barrel living room.

Also got really interesting recyled place mats and Andy Warhol plates I've been eying for months.

Will spell perfection for summer entertaining. YAYAYAY!

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Barney's New York cashmere cardigan

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and sandals
Fashion District bracelet
JCrew neon pink belt

The Grade

The Commentary

So many blue dress inspirations lately

Perfect for me since I am a devil with a thing for blue dresses

Today I wanted to up the blue dress ante with a belt

Fell in love with the perfect one this weekend. Have been looking for just the right splash of neon for months. And there it was winking at me from the JCrew window.

It was quite pricey at $29 but I've been dying to try a thin LONG belt. Decided to take the plunge when I saw Tam's Thoughts rocking the look recently. Am also hoping it will pay for itself this summer by breathing new life into old pieces like this ol' blue dress. Felt soooo Carrie Bradshaw today with the bold kooky contrast.

I even matched the CB2 butterfly plates we got at the end of the night in the gift bags. LOVE!

My favorite outfit tonight was worn by our adorable salesperson. Probably because it was pretty similar to mine: Thin belt, neutral shoes, girly dress in a poppy color.

She called it her CB2 orange. Touche.

Head to toe bold - especially this season's trendy neon - can be tough to pull off for most women.

I find splashes much more wearable.

Here are the Net-a-Porter neon "splashes" that I've currently got my eye on.

Thinking I might try to talk Mr. Diabolina into putting off a new couch and investing in my tootsies instead ;)


dapotato said...

LOVE that blue on you.

apparently there's an invite for me sitting in a pile o' mail at my old office i haven't bothered to pick up in months...didn't know it was such a hot ticket! glad you guys had fun and picked up a few goodies.

WendyB said...

That shade of blue is perfect on you.

Liz said...

I hit CB2 in Chicago... nice store!

ShoeZQ said...

love, love, love this look!

Ly said...

you look yummy in that feminine blue dress and cardigan. LOVE the neon shoes!!!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That clutch is divine and that shade of Blue really suits you.

Victoria said...

love all these colors and cb2!

tam pham said...

the belt looks so great on you!!!!! you'll get so many wears out of it!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

It is beautiful shade of blue. You look great.

lookrichbitch said...

"put free anything in front of us and we suddenly become po' college students" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

loooove the belt on you! and love you too!

amber said...

What a fun night! It's about time they opened a CB2 in LA.


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