Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Scene
Today I had an impromptu lunch date with my favorite resale stores. Had to do it. Had to get through the work day somehow.

Fell for this navy Milly ruffle dress. So elegant. A little like Lanvin. Alas, the fit was weird on my hippy hips so I had to just say no.

Almost fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning Missoni. Sure the dress was snagged here and there but I loved the Neopolitan ice cream colors AND it was 50% off. Missoni for a $100!! Dress retailed for at least 4 times that.

Unfortunately, sleeveless, crew neck knit dresses are not particularly flattering on the curvy. Sigh. Thinking if I ever do pick up Missoni it will have to be a sweater or a top. No dresses for the no waisted.

Drowned my fashion sorrows over dinner at Cheebo. Mushroom truffle pizza. Ugh. No wonder my ass is approaching the width of a small truck. F.

But tonight I was celebrating. Celebrating the chance to catch up with my baby Styleminded. Miss her and the rest of the gang at my old job. S0.damn.much. Can't believe next month will be a year since I left. Glad we are always able to pick up where we left off every time we get together. They are like family.

The Outfit
Dolce and Gabbana skirt
Thrifted sweater
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
DKNY tights
Forever 21 belt
Chanel purse
Dolce and Gabbana pumps

The Grade

The Commentary
Finally got my fashion mojo back today. Hooray! Built the outfit around the shoes.

It's impossible to wear Dolce and Gabbana leopard print and not feel fabulous.

Though I am not too fond of the Herman Munster leopard shoes they showed for Fall 2009.

But those tights they paired with them are HOT.

I was all about the tights today.

With the contrasting shoe

Fabulous skirt

And belt, I felt chic chic chic.

Wore this belt

Because I can't stop fantasizing about this one.

Some bloggers are mooning over these at A tenth of the price of the YSL one. But I spit on them. They offend me. Too cheap and plasticy. They don't even compare with the real thang.

The blogosphere has been abuzz with this week's opening of Topshop in NYC. Heard there was a three hour wait to get in today!!!

Peach and I were talking about how we love Topshop as much as the next fashionable person on a budget. But we think the store has been overromanticized by Americans. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Remember when we didn't have H&M in the states? How I would pine for it. Now that it's here? I hardly ever shop there.

I will admit this shot of the shoe department has me dying to head back to NYC for a little looksee. Maybe this Fall...


Tiffany said...

I have been to the TopShop in oxford street in London and it is incredible. However, waiting in line to go to a store? unless it is Chanel at 50% off it is something I would not do.

I agree about H&M. Have not shopped there since it opened in Seattle.

Jean Bean said...

I've tried on that same Milly dress and passed too.

You forget you DO own a Missoni doggy.

Julie said...

Sorry, I couldn't even look at the outfit.

I was too busy swooning over THOSE SHOES! OMG!

lookrichbitch said...

i damn near spit when you said you spit on those belts! you're one classy gal. i like that.

and totally agree with Tiffany too.. never ever ever go to H&M even tho it's right across the street. somehow it seems so much more fashionable in Paris.

Kani said...

I've been wondering why you don't shop at H&M...

I'm going to be in NY for a few days this summer before we head off for the honeymoon and I've already informed the fiance that I will need time for topshop =) Can't wait!

amber said...

Too bad that Missoni dress wasn't a top. I really like those colors on you and I think the cut up top was good.

Feel the same way about H&M. It's just not as cool now that it's stateside.


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