Monday, March 9, 2009

Diabolina Styled Me and I Liked It

Liz from Minnesota

Had SUCH a cute email exchange today with a reader
when out of the blue she sent me this sweet note:


I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. I love how you pair pieces from Forever 21 with designer pieces... I just love your look! I wanted to let you know that you have inspired my wardrobe.

I am a young new professor stuck here in freezing blah Minnesota. Dressing for work is always interesting. Am actually a research (non-teaching) professor, and my research is on the effectiveness of cancer treatments and disparities in health care. On days I see the MDs, I am wearing a suit or a skirt with heels. On days like today I am in my cozy office wearing skinny jeans tucked into black boots with a taupe-ish wrap sweater and a necklace. I feel like a Minnesota (boring) version of casual Diabolina today ;)

I will try to leave more comments on your blog, but I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your site! I definitely think you should try to turn it into some sort of business. If you lived near me, I would surely pay you to do a wardrobe consult! Best of luck to you.


Wow. Just a little note. A handful of kind words. From a stranger.
But they totally made my morning.

People can hand you such gifts - support and encouragement and friendship - when you least expect it. They hand you a piece of themselves that reveals so much about you. So humbling.

Thanked Liz and asked her if she wouldn't mind sending pictures of the outfit so I could blog it. Not only did she send pictures, she added some unexpected, hilarious commentary:


Here you go! Sorry the lighting isn't better. I had to take them myself as the husband is working late tonight. You do not need to post the photos (or commentary) on the blog-- just thought you might like to see your influence. Or you may be horrified by my "interpretation"!

I was trying to channel Diabolina in my sunglasses. Unfortunately I do not own a pair of aviators (yet). I hope this makes you laugh!

The Outfit
Target (Mossimo) scoop t-shirt and wrap sweater
Paige Premium Denim (peg leg)

The Accessories
Smith sunglasses
necklace from Herberger's dept store, brand unknown
Bandolino flat boots

The Grade
M.C.I.B.D. for Minnesota Casual Inspired by Diabolina

The Commentary

Built this casual Monday outfit around the wrap sweater. I have a black wrap sweater from Banana Republic that is a little less bulky, but I thought I would wear this Target version to the office today with my skinny jeans.

I like how it's long in the front but hip-length in the back. I was blessed with skinny thighs, but I have wide bony hips to go with them that makes wearing long-length tops difficult.

If only Diabolina could dress me every day. But we live 2000 miles apart. F.


Ugh. How much do I looove her!!!! Thanks again, Liz, for making my Monday. A+++++

And btw, I am trying to figure out a way to do the wardrobe consultations via Skype or some other such space technology :) Will keep you fashionistas outside the L.A. metropolitan area posted!


Liz said...

Ha- I feel famous! Glad I sent you some love, Diabolina. I thought I had gone way too long as a non-commenting reader.

If you have a Mac, you might be able to set up long-distance consults with ichat. If not, you still might be able to do a webcam chat with the google talk video chat feature.

Let me know if you figure something out! :)

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I would love if you did long-distance style consultations. I need help in the worst way! Freezing Chicago winters leaves me lacking in the fashion department and I feel uninspired every morning as I look in my closet.

P.S. Liz looks adorable!

WeezerMonkey said...

Hey! It's Liz!!!

amber said...

super cute!

Jessica said...

I love this post!! Maegan said...

how sweet!! so true.

Anonymous said...

Great look...I think you're even making a Diabolina face. Haha.

tam pham said...

you two are twinsies! too cute.

Nina said...

Love the new feature! You inspire me too. I've never shopped at F21 before (just window browsed) because I never thought their clothes were for real people bigger than size 0 or people older than 18. I actually went into a F21 store this weekend and bought something (gasp!). I wore it yesterday and got so many compliments. Thanks D!

Milly said...

Is that your twin sis? lol
sweet and funny

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

That's great. She's really internalized your lessons!

By the way, I'm amazed by your ability to produce a gazillion images as inspiration and somehow unite them into one look.

Sable Crow said...

This is fantastic!! Congrats Liz! You nailed it.

lookrichbitch said...

Love this post! Adore Liz and adore D!


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