Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Scene
Celebrated Daisy Duke's 25th birthday tonight. Spent most of the day trying to remember what I did for my quarter century celebration - lo those seven years ago. Think I had a rockstar party. Wore a leather skirt and too much eye makeup and Mr. Diabolina dressed like Eminem. Meh. Our theme parties and costumes have definitely gotten better with age.

Daisy Duke's had probably the most sophistiCAT 25th birthday ever. At a sleek new wine bar in Venice called Salute.

They have this cool set up where you can sample a variety of wines with a prepaid card. Amazing if you love wine.

Since Mr. D and I don't we got our grub on. Enjoyed some of the best calamari we've ever had. And we've had alot of calamari in our day ;)

Loved catching up with Lauragami about work and life. And recent fashion woes. She bought this delish Theory dress on sale for $80ish. Only to have her little sister find a virtually identical one at Forever for $20. Doh!

While we gabbed fashion, Danny B gabbed chimps gone apeshit. He was so obsessed with telling us about that Travis attack that he almost forgot to mention that he's whisking Daisy Duke's off to Thailand!!! F and YAYAYAYAY!

Most of Daisy Duke's friends gave her cute travel related gifts for the trip. But I got her this subtly blingy ring from Banana. Flowers for a flower ;)

The Outfit
Thrifted blazer
Banana Republic tank
Robert Rodriguez pants

The Accessories
Marc by MJ earrings
H&M necklace
Alice Roi clutch
Forever 21 bangle
Jeffrey Campbell sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Today's outfit was inspired by all the NY Fashion Week looks I've been drooling over.

Interesting blazers

With cropped pants

And snakeskin shoes

And statement necklaces

With all those influences in mind, I decided to challenge myself and build a look around this necklace

A decent substitute until I get my hands on this Marni

This Phillip Lim

And this Malene Birger

Chose the tank first and then the striped linen jacket. Not a bad boyfriend blazer option. Got it for less than $15.

Added the black pants followed by the snakeskin clutch

Another decent substitute until I get my hands on this Miu Miu bag. Ugh. Adore.

Knew I had to wear pretty high heels tonight since Lauragami and Daisy Duke's are both 6 feet tall. I inevitably look like a geriatric chubs midget next to them. Wah.

Love how the cropped pants display the shoes so perfectly.

Made me feel super on trend.

Made me think I might not have to invest in all these other strappy neutral delights currently on Shopbop.

Though I think these Bottega's are a must. Maybe for my 32nd birthday???


WeezerMonkey said...

25th? Good God, that's young.

I'm already calling 32 my "magical" birthday in honor of my all-time fave Laker.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I LOVE that jacket and the necklace brings out the caramel color in it. Fabulous.

ShoeZQ said...

Love this outfit and I MUST get my grubby little hands on that necklace. Headed to my local H&M stat!

WendyB said...

The necklace is fab. Give yourself a higher grade.

tam pham said...

those bottegas are going to haunt me in my dreams...

amber said...

super cute. all of it.


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