Monday, December 1, 2008

The Scene
Today I was sick as a dog. Stayed home. Slept through the morning. In the afternoon, when I wasn't blowing my nose, I was filling my head with bad things.

Like did you know Louis Vuitton makes monogram tights? No? Well now you do. Welcome to my nightmare.

Or did you know Gwyneth and Reese spent Thanksgiving together?

Ugh. And that they both rocked all black chic and perfect prom ready hair?

Did you know that these Marni booties and these Chloe ones are now on sale on Net-a-Porter?

Did you know I'm pretty sure Id never have an occasion worthy of such fabulous shoes? F.

Did you know the Cruises have been spending loads of time with the Beckhams in NYC? Hmmmmm....

And that Posh now goes by Chewbaca?

Did you know that the fab shoes I could rock to a million different functions simply REFUSE to go on sale?

And that I in turn refuse to buy them full price?

Did you know I grow weary of Gossip Girl's recyled story lines week in and week out?

Did you know I am much more interested in Lily and Rufus than Nate and (insert lame girl name)?

Oh and did you know you swigging Nyquil while blogging makes for a bad post? you do.

The Outfit
Victoria Secret flannel pj top
Panda flannel pj bottoms

The Accessories
Target sockies

The Grade

The Commentary
Mr. Diabolina was horrified that I wanted to share this outfit hence the obnoxious "Whatevs" face above. I am all about keeping it real in 2008. And fashion blog or no fashion blog, old lady pajamas when you are sick is as real as it gets.

Besides I think my panda socks are very high fashion. Very Chanel.

Oh and the history of these pjs is actually quite highlarious. I got the top when I was starting college. Exactly 13 years ago.

Flannels seemed very All Amercian and collegiate to me. Like what blonde patrician girls named Gwyneth and Reese slept in. I just slept in big T-shirts. Tres gauche and high school of me ;)

So, being first generation American, I convincingly pleaded my case to my poor wonderful mother who promptly picked up the tab for three pairs. Two were the requisite plaid.

But this stripey one....THIS one was my sexy one. Duh. It was pink AND from Victoria Secret. HAHHAHAHA. Ah to be so young and utterly clueless about sleepwear.


WendyB said...

Wow. You get all dressed up when you're sick. By that I mean you're wearing pants.

Milly said...

LOL....thats what i wear when im sick...and some weird way helps me feel better....feel better soon!

MissJordyPants said...

Even when you feel like poo, there's something so amazing about curling up on the couch and being responsible for nothing. hope you're feeling better!

Tracee said...

i absolutely adore the fact that you posted your "outfit" aka pjs. feel better!

amber said...

<3 hope you're feeling better.

Sable Crow said...

Love love this post. I kiss you, and can't wait to see you in LV tights!

Hope you're feeling better now.


Lynn Tran said...

Hope you got some rest this week after your fab weekend and you're feeling better now. Kisses.

tam pham said...

panda pjs?!?! LOVE IT. Feel better darling.

weezermonkey said...

You are my second-favorite panda. (My Mr. Monkey is #1. He did star in a blockbuster animated film, after all.)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You are hilarious! Feel better. BTW - there are a lot of M by MJ on sale at net-a-porter, check it out.

lookrichbitch said...

sexy sickie! i dig it.

Emily said...

Hope you're feeling better! I think the Marni shoes could totally work for real life. And yes, Rufus and Lily are my favorite part of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair a close second just cause I like their banter. Serena and Aaron, Little J as a rebel and all the rest of it is getting a bit old, I'm looking forward to a shake up in the near future.

Diane said...

aww i love those panda pjs!!!


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