Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Scene
Much to the horror of our friends (Trojan and Bruin alike), Mr. Diabolina refused to attend today's UCLA/USC game. The older and scrooge-ier he gets, the more he JUST CAN'T DEAL with games at the Rose Bowl.

For those of you not from L.A., just picture a clusterfuck and that's the Rose Bowl. The parking is a nightmare. The bench seating is a nightmare. Tens of thousands of people leaving the stadium via one road through a residential neighborhood is A NIGHTMARE. No thank you said these old fancy Trojan farts.

Besides today was the only night we could see Mr. Diabolina's little brother star in a production of A Christmas Carol.

Though he just passed the California bar (WOOT!), Paulie Walnuts is an artist at heart. Lovely to see him on a stage again tonight. What a talent.

His siblings were especially loving the British accent ;)

Very glad Mr. D bahhumbugged the game. I much preferred getting in the Christmas spirit with family than dealing with powder blue wearing drunks!

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Vintage coat

The Accessories
Fashion District pashmina
Chanel bag and earrings
DKNY tights
Manolo Blahnik heels
Forever 21 bracelet

The Grade


The Commentary
My obession with sequins continues unabated. My name is Diabolina and I am a sparkle-aholic.

Karla's Closet has me fiending for the Express knock offs of the $2500 Alexander McQueen leggings. I want, I need, I must snort. (Side note: How fierce is her blazer??? Can you believe it's H&M!! Looks like Stella to me.)

Also found myself lusting over this little black dream on Net-a-Porter

Sass & Bide - $550. So Carrie Bradshaw I can't stand it.

Tonight I frantically dug out this Forever 21 bubble dress to satiate my sequin frenzy. But it doesn't quite compare does it? Sigh.

Alas, for a laid back evening of community theatre, me thinks it was just enough holiday sparkle. Plus under $25.

The black tights are another serious obsession of late.

Simple way to look slim and chic and DRESSED.

Particularly digging the idea of sparkly party dresses with the black tights this holiday season.

For a California girl who always does bare legs for evening, this look feels revolutionary. I can hear all you cold weather fashionistas rolling your eyes but I gotta speak my warm blooded truth ;)

Maybe my pretty coat will score me some cold weather street cred. Bought it resale. In pristine condition. $25. Saw me through my first day ever of constant, heavy snow. In Chicago last December. Ugh. Never again!

Also picked out my mom's coat. Forever 21. $30ish. LOVE having a lil American doll I can dress up this Christmas ;)


weezermonkey said...

So are we not fighting on New Year's Day? We have tickets for the Penn State section. Mr. Monkey is excited to stomp you.

Unknown said...

Thanks to you, your Mom, and Frankie for coming to see the show. Diggin' the sequins, and your Mom's coat. :)

amy said...

if there is one thing i know, it is that diabolina hates snow... remember your visit to the east coast around st. patrick's day? i sorta remember some light snow and a diabolina-wielding-umbrella (which unlike your coat, does not earn you any cold weather street cred)!

your mom looks great in the pink jacket!

tam pham said...

you and mommy are too freakin' cute! i can hardly stand it. weezermonkey's interested in football?!?! wtf?!

Unknown said...

lovely outfits!! haha and yay for finding an awesome jacket for your mom!

amber said...

:: quickly looking past the negative comments about powder blue and the awesomeness that is the rose bowl ::

sadly, we wimped out of the game, too. hubs is buried with work and i'm still trying to catch up with life. sigh. it's probably better that we stayed home anyways.

Sable Crow said...

Digging the Mr. D fam! Sable Crow loves Christmas Carol. I always identified with Scrooge. I'm such an Ebineezer geezer.

Love your holiday sparkle, and can't wait for the next post!!!!

Squatting on the floor and peeing in excitement...


WendyB said...

I'm going to need to take a picture of my L'Wren Scott sequin pants for you!

Miss Janey said...

Miss J was WELL acquainted w/ the Rose Bowl traffic Sat night as she tried to make her way to her theatre.

LA traffic sucks it & Rose Bowl traffic is even worse.

Nice outfit, tho.

Mrs. Lexi said...

i HAVE to get into the resale scene... where are your favorite places (i know some are way better than others)?

Ly said...

cute dress, I saw it at the F21 near me and LOVE your mom's jacket. fuschia is one of my FAV colors!

Lynn Tran said...

Ugh, F to me for sitting in an hour and half traffic getting out of RB/Pasadena to the freeway. I was so incensed. Alas, looks like I cannot talk the Mr. out of spending my b-day there - sigh. Two ideas I saw this weekend at the RB that were brilliant - a hammock & tailgating AFTER the game to wait out the traffic.

lookrichbitch said...

I want something sequin-y!

Vera said...

super fun post to read! I've been lusting after those Express leggings ever since I saw them on Karla as well!


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