Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Scene
After a week of 16 hour days, Mr. Diabolina got today off. And what did he do most of the day? Work. Poor Type A baby. He is under so much pressure. Thankfully, he is a shark and it sounds like the case is in the bag. All the hard work will be worth it soon.

Convinced him to head to the USC v. Cal game in the evening. Tailgated with Chowmein and her Jean Bean. Talked about Obamarama joys and Prop 8 woes. Such a mixture of gladness and sadness around the last week's events.

Ran into Big Fucking Asian at the stadium and also caught up with one of our undergraduate favorites, Mr. Annenberg. He manages to be one of the sweetest yet snarkiest men on earth. Love him.

Unfortunately USC missed an opportunity to wow tonight. Boo. Left before the blahness ended. Were exhausted - Mr. D from the week's work stress and me from the political rollercoaster of the last few days. Concked out by 9. I hate old fart Saturdays.

The Outfit
USC tunic
Forever 21 leggings and wrap sweater

The Accessories

Chanel bag and sunglasses
Louis Vuitton earrings and Me & Ro necklace
Loeffler Randall for Target flats
Claire's headband

The Grade
O for Old Fart Alum

The Commentary

Chowmein said with my sweater/Chanel bag/gold flats combo I looked like the fancy but elderly lady that sits next to her in the stadium.

Please. I think the outfit without the sweater isn't as granny...right? It's actually like something the young kids nowadays wear, no? Plus what grandmother do you know rolls with a Mickey's?

I mean I know I am not 21 anymore but this outfit could be hep. Something one of those high school musical chickadees - whose names I refuse to learn on principle - might wear.

Me thinks the Chanel bag is what ages the look. I always blame it on Chanel. Question: do you think Chanel leggings would scream old lady too??? Or just Euro trash ;)

SO DEAR GOD, have you seen this two-in-one Chanel optical illusion? It's name: the Portobello. Price: $3K! TO DIE FOR! I had forgotten about it for a few weeks. Then Chic Intuition reminded me. F.

Best female fashion today.

Best male fashion/dimples/flirting through a chain link fence award.

All I know is that Trojans - whether old or young, gay or straight, black or white - FIGHT ON!!! That's what we all have to do.


WendyB said...

Loving that Chanel bag.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - Love that new Chanel bag - are you going to get one? And it's ok to look like an old fart sometimes, my poor son wishes I did it more often.

WeezerMonkey said...

Methinks the Monkeys are even older and fartier than you guys are.

Emily said...

Chanel leggings would definitely NOT be old lady...I think I may love them.

Jean Bean said...

Chowmein has a Jean Bean?

Kate of All Trades said...

Did you have that shirt made? Never seen it offered anywhere.

Anyway....about the old lady thing. You don't look like an old lady because you aren't one. However...I see Chowmein's point. The old lady sitting next to her totally could be wearing the same thing. Let's be honest...when you are an old lady, you will probably be wearing something really similar to that. And still carrying the Mickeys I'm sure.

All that said, I like the outfit. Just because an old lady could wear something, doesn't mean a young lady can't.

Sable Crow said...

Re: Chanel leggings

Do you remember all that A|X drivel I wore back in college, with ARMANI EXCHANGE emblazoned across my chest, or my back, or my arm, or my leg, or my ass?

Yeah. I remember it too.

Be warned about the leggings. Nude front/black back leggings: iconic.
All black emblazoned with logos: mid-1990s euro "chic"

Diabolina 3.1 said...


fear not, i am not getting those leggings.

sorry, my pretty emily, they are a bit TOO TOO :)

Milly said...

I so LOVE that Chanel bag!

amber said...

we have has the most old fart weekends ever the past few weeks. we are officially an "old married couple." eff.

i like your usc outfit (would like it better if it were ucla, but you know what i mean...) i agree, it's the bag that makes it look old(er).

tam pham said...

i'm loving the outfit. so you. not even a hint of "old lady".


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