Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Scene
Today, 6,000 people were sworn in as American citizens and this adorable little lady in DVF was one of them. YAY.

Today was a beautiful day, a bittersweet day, an emotionally charged day. A day of renouncing former allegiances and embracing new beginnings.

A day brimming with national pride and individual triumph.

Today the Los Angeles Convention Center transformed into a kind of Ellis Island. The hall was filled with thousands of immigrants of all ages, races and religions, each with his/her own tale of struggle and perseverance and hope. Today, was not about the things that separate us. Today was about the things that unite us.

During the ceremony my mom sat next to a woman from Iraq. They both became emotional after taking the oath and embraced. They didn't speak. They didn't have to. Each knew what the other was feeling. That sense of accomplishment after traveling a long arduous road. These women who grew up half a world apart came together today, united by the fulfillment of their American dream.

During the ceremony, I sat next to this beautiful Jamaican family. This man's wife was becoming a citizen. He told me that like my mother, his wife was extremely excited to be able to vote for Obama. Or Obamarama, as their kids call Barack.

Clearly there were alot of Obama supporters in the crowd of new Americans. This was the bustling Democrat voter registration tent.

And I was pleased to see this ghost town was the Republican tent. Suckers!

After the ceremony, my mom and I celebrated by pigging out at Roy's. It was my mom's first time there. Here she is pretending to be horrified with her aaaaamazing sampler platter. I can practically see the drool.

After dinner, we headed to The Grove to do a little shopping. It's the American way, after all. My mom got a $14 wrap sweater at F21 while I tried on these booties. Great knock-off of my beloved YSLs. Hugely uncomfortable tho so I passed. Did find great knock-off Prada butterfuly sunglasses. Just $14. Was the cherry on top of a wonderful day.

My mom said the only thing missing was her son, Mr. Diabolina. He unfortunately had to leave on a business trip this morning to Hot-lanta. Wah.

Will be gone until next Wed. F. Who will take my daily outfit shot ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses
Chanel bag and earrings
Marc Jacobs shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
My mom looked radiant today, no? She was just beaming with joy and pride. And the DVF top helped. The colors and fit are a dream on her. The star necklace was a gift from a friend when she passed her exam. I suggested she double it up with another pendant necklace. Adore the result.

Friends who had been to a citizenship ceremony before advised us to wear sensible shoes and bring something to read. There is alot of lining up and waiting around as 6,000 people get processed.

We arrived at 10 am and got out of there at 3 p.m. So glad I wasn't wearing last night's YSLs.
My mom's Tory Burch black patents were the much wiser choice.

Got dressed in a blur this morning. Knew today wasn't about me so that took off some pressure. Decided this little F21 dress would be a good patriotic look. Perfect for mingling with dignitaries.

My mom was definitely the best dressed new citizen. Stamp. This woman was also looking pretty sassy.

Love the ruffles and chain bag and burgundy heels.

But the best accessory of the day was an Obamarama sticker.

The democratic party has never looked this good.


Kate of All Trades said...

Yay! Congratulations to mama. What a wonderful day!

lookrichbitch said...

Please give my love to your mommy!

WeezerMonkey said...


Milly said...

Congrats to your mom!!

MissJordyPants said...


tam pham said...

what a glorious day.

Victoria said...

congrats to ur mama!

Jean Bean said...

YAY, felicitaciones Mamacita!

Lynn said...

Congrats, what a special day. Did your eyes well up during the patriotic video montage set to "I'm Proud to be an American" - 'cuz I get teary eyed just thinking about it from my Mom's swearing in ceremony.

Jadelily said...

Congrats to your mom!

R said...

Big Yay! for your mom. Such a cool experience.

That life sized McCain cut out is a wee bit creepy. :/

Tiffany said...

Congrats to your mom! And best dressed new citizen indeed, that DVF top was made for her!

Sable Crow said...

Yay! I love your mama so much. Is it any wonder that a party that has done so much to marginalize, discriminate, and disempower pretty much everybody (gays, immigrants, the poor, the working class, the rich) has such a hard time recruiting?

Fiscally, I'm very conservative. I believe in balanced budgets, low taxes, fair free trade, and stable economies with practical, efficient regulation. But socially, I can't abide a party that would create hurdles for people like your mom (to become a citizen) or for people like me (to marry the person I love). Sure, I'm a conservative, but I'm also fair and I believe in freedom. Not just in some country we bombed for fun--right here at home.

Lovely reflection on citizenship and what it means to be American. It's not something I think about very often...


amy said...

it's a better country now that your mom is officially a citizen - she's certainly done enough for those of us born here to deserve the accoutrements of citizenship.

and just to keep CT in the loop, in the spirit of sable crow's comments, fyi the ct supreme court, in an opinion written by my favorite and most dreamy justice, justice palmer, the court has ruled that, essentially, anyone should be able to marry anyone they choose and anything short of that is not good enough (i.e. civil unions, the current law in ct).

sometimes i'm proud of my little state for getting it right.

Emily said...

congrats to your mom! she looks so radiant and happy. what an awesome day. heart you.

amber said...

congratulations to your mom!

such great stories from that day. much love to you guys :)

Anonymous said...

This post made my cry! I am so happy for your Mom, and that sounds like she had the most amazing experience.

I was also happy to see that ghostown over at the McCain/Palin tent. Gah-they're disgusting. I do love that photo with the Obama/Clinton cutouts! Hilarious.


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