Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Scene
Mommy day. Spend most of the day chitchatting and laughing. Ended up trying on Marc deliciousness that we didn't need but definitely want. Sigh.

My mom swears she would slap Marc if she ever met him in person. Slap him and kiss him and call him Daddy, I tell her ;)

Breaking shopping news: Finally bought a pair of booties. After months and months of debate and just in time for the trend to be over. F. But got them for $40 (with an oh so recessionista coupon!) so if I only wear them 4 times they will still be worth it.

Dreading this week. Gonna be slammed at work. But looking forward to reaping all the benefits of my hard work.

The Outfit
Behnaz Sarafpour for Target button down
(missing a button by end of day - boo diffusion line production!)
H&M shorts

The Accessories
Faux Ray Ban Wayfarers and LV bangle
Chanel bag with Pucci scarf
Fendi wedges
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade
A is for adventurous.

The Commentary
Built the outfit around these new sunnies. $14. Got them at the same cart at the Grove where I bought the Praduh butterflys.

Ray Ban Wayfarers are alot like skinny jeans or shorts. For a good year, I was convinced they were not for me.

After all, I am not a teenage hipster.

Hell, I'm not even a twentysomething hipster anymore.

That's who I associate with these type of sunglasses - painfully cool kids (emphasis on the painful) who worship bands I've never heard of, wear All Star sneaks and say things like "epic" - not ironically.

I thought if I wore them I'd look like a poseur, a narc, a cop on Jumpstreet.
After all I am more of a Posh Spice. I actually like pop music. Live for high heels. And adore glamour.

Plus I have full cheeks and a high forehead. AND like La Lopez, I have olive skin, big hair and curves. So I wasn't so sure anything but GINORM bug eyed glasses would work on me.

Then a few months ago, something changed. My eye started acclimating to the slant of the Ray Bans. I started thinking they looked like a breath of fresh air compared with all the Dior and Gucci oversized frames. I started letting go of my closed minded definitions. Much like I did with skinny jeans and shorts. Suddenly and happily.

After all, Audrey wore Ray Bans in Breakfast at Tiffany's, remember?

And Jack swears by them.

Probably helped that I started seeing women who's more grown up style I relate to pull them off.

Here's Katie doing her best Tom in Risky Business.

Think this picture of Beyonce finally convinced me. They look tres chic on her. And she is the queen of big sunnies and heels and pop music and glamour.

Ugh. Just when I thought I was over my Wayfarer narrowmindedness, that Taylor on the Rachel Zoe project entered my life. Surely, I didn't want to be associated with the too-cool-for-school likes of her!

But kinda LOVED Brad's whole horn-rimmed, dapper old Hollywood glam look (even if he was ALWAYS crying) so decided to not let one Rachel Zoe assistant ruin it for me.

Was fiending for a pair like these. Very Vuitton meets Vans. But ultimately decided to go balls out and get the two tone pair. In Chanel colors, my colors.

Decided not to spend $125 on a real pair. Not sure I love the trend that much. Can give it a whirl on the cheap and decided if I want to invest later.

Today's look felt like a grown up version of cool kid chic.

Maybe next summer I'll even consider making denim cut-offs my own. Never say never ;)


WeezerMonkey said...

Believe it or not, I had real Ray-Bans in college. My grandma bought them, of course.

I gave them to a guy down the hall my freshman year because they looked funny on me.

amber said...

they're cute on you. good choice :)

lookrichbitch said...


Is it too late for me to jump on the bandwagon?

Emily said...

Love this look! This is how you make shorts classy. I had sort of decided shorts weren't for me and have been toying with the "will I really wear espadriles?" question for a couple years, so thanks for giving me a little inspiration as summer approaches here in the southern hemisphere.

Ana said...

Tell us more about the booties? I want details! :)

WendyB said...

Isn't it nice when you decide to do something you "can't" do? It's very freeing, I think.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

They look great on you and anyone who can wear the same dress they bought in high school can pull off anything including denim cutoffs.

Juana said...

You need to rock the shorts more often. Your legs be rockin.


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