Monday, October 27, 2008

The Scene
Bad day compounded by worse night: Mr D erased the second half of Gossip Girl. Weeping...

The Outfit
Image top
Forever 21 sweater
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Faux Chanel earrings
Marc Jacobs shoes
Louis Vuitton bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Today - to kick off Halloween week - you get a headless horseman-slash-fashionista. That's like a brainless model-slash-actress ;)

Today was just a bad face day. Actually I think it's all the stress at work. Look haggard and worn down lately. Booooooo.

One year ago on October 31st I debuted this shoe/sweater/top combination. I had one of the most perfect days of my life in it. That's probably why I wore it today. As a talisman. To fortify me.

I was in New York with Sable Crow. We strolled around 30 Rock and Fifth Avenue. Lunched at Bergdorfs. Traipsed around Central Park.

Then that was followed by a night of obscene decadence. Courtesy of Jean Bean. At the Roberto Cavalli Halloween Masquerade. As Marie Antoinette.

No Halloween will ever be as grand. The empire has since fallen. We knew it was doomed to that night. So we partied like Victorian rock stars.

Today, one year later, the outfit made me feel like a pumpkin. Blah and boring and frumpy.

Not fabulous at all. Like one night last year on the roof at the Standard when I wore the top with leggings and Manolos and ruled L.A.

Funny how an outfit can be all about context. Who you are with and what you are doing can make all the difference. Sigh.

I feared the detailing on the neck of this top would get dated. But I just saw a Marc Jacobs top with similar studs. Phew ;)

Love the two tone pleats. Not very flattering but pretty to look at on the skinny.

Enjoy some pretty grays, my pretties. They match my mood ;(


WeezerMonkey said...

I don't like that you're gray. :(

tam pham said...

sad that you're feeling "gray". feel better.

Sable Crow said...

Happy Halloween! There simply isn't any way to recoup what we lost last year at that party: our innocence, our investment portfolios, our unlimited sense of freedom. It was like we were at the top of the pile. "Let them eat cake!" you shouted as we swilled Veuve Cliquot in the VIP section. What a night.
I still haven't gotten over that lunch at Bergdorf. F. So good that I can remember it 365 days later, after approximately 1000 meals.

I think it was the company. Hang in there! I hear it gets better.

Couture Carrie said...

I love you as M.A.! But interesting commentary about an outfit's context...

And I am really mad at Mr. D right now for erasing the last half of GG.

Loving these celeb photos, esp. those amazing mustardy toeless booties and the gray ones too!

Happy Halloween, Diabs!


Jean Bean said...

Darling, all the kids watch GG online! (Probably why the ratings are in the toilet.) So, I hope that makes you less blue. I will not say less gray because gray is deadly chic in my book.

Emily said...

How I get my GG down here in Chile (the megavideo links are the best). Enjoy!

WendyB said...

I hate it when an outfit loses its magic! You made a nice Marie Antoinette.

MissJordyPants said...

sad that you're feeling gray... but you look fantastic in it!

amber said...

sad that you're feeling down. hope it all starts looking up soon. {{hugs}}


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