Monday, June 16, 2008

Special Feature: Dear Diabolina

A million years ago Lyradelmar wrote to me:

Being the fashionista extrordinaire you are - I figured you'd be able to help my shoe dilema.

You see I am a self-admitted shoe whore with a nack for great-looking shoes and expensive taste - but who cringes at the thought of paying more than $100 for a pair of shoes that will only be in season three months out of the year. You see I am a New Yorker and the time to wear long leather boots and cashmere sweaters will be soon upon us (summer goes by so fast!) so I can only get a few months of use out of these beauties at most!

i.e. Irridescent Kate Spade Mary Janes in a yummy pink sherbert. To.die.for! -

You seem to be so good at finding the great deals or sales for designer fashion - have you seen similar shoes in a more affordable price range?

Any advice you can offer is most appreciated and not only will my pocket thank you but my husband will thank you. We are planning a trip to South America soon and he believes are funds are much better suited to our travels than to my feet - I tend to disagree, but alas, he does make a point;)

The Dear Diabolina Answer:

I fear Lyradelmar has beaten me, ladies. She poses a real toughie. An under $100 version of a pink irridescent Mary Jane??? Ugh, I might have to give up my title of Recessionista.

Have been thinking about this one for weeks. Have kept my eyes peeled on various sites and when I go shopping with my momma. I've been hoping to catch the actual Kate Spade shoe she loves on sale so I could at least kinda help her out.

Here's the best I could pull together (some good sites to keep in mind for all of us fashion on a budget type gals.)

Patent peep toe sling back pump with Fendi-like buckle detail. More chunky sexy than the dainty Kate Spade and not as gloriously vibrant. Oh and I went a little over budget: $130 at Boutique 9 by Nine West.

Was shocked there weren't more options at Nine West. But I guess Mary Janes are really more of a fall shoe. Found these too but they make me sad just looking at them. Too homely.


There is this strappy Chanel knockoff Mary Jane. The right shape but the colors are more jewel toned than summery sherbert :(

Speaking of Chanel. Now this shoe isn't remotely like the pink Mary Jane in question but I love it. So hot. Very Karl designed it with the black heel.

On sale for $99 at Boutique 9.

Moved on to Asos which Stylminded taught me about. She's had good luck with dresses and boots from there. Lots of great designer knock-offs. Never gotten anything myself not being a big online shopper but may have to try it out.
Found this interesting pearlised asymmetic strap detail shoe with an almond shaped toe and low triangular shaped heel. 25 pounds on Asos.

Here's another dainty option though its not available in pinkie colors.
Love the double strap. Sweetly sexy.

Heart that the site itself shows the picture of the shoe it's knocking off. In this case, likely a Manolo that Lindsay and Fergie rocked. Again just 25 pounds on Asos.

I'm personally digging this odd Mary Jane myself. Part good girl, part bad girl.
Ugh but of course it's 115 pounds. F to me.

Then I thought to turn to Aldo. Fashion Toast swears by Aldo. And I guess I got one or two shoes there when I was in my mid-twenties.

Digging this little sexy slightly ombre peep toe heel. Gorgeous color and on sale for just $69. Now we are talking...

Alas, nothing good at Steve Madden (likely because it's summer; do love the YSL and Dior knockoffs though) and nothing notable at Jildor. Anyone else have any ideas for lyradelmar??

I did my best, m'dear. Hope it helped a little. Or that in the end you said to hell with your hubby's babbling and just bought the Kate Spade originals that you loved.


weezermonkey said...

You are so nice to research for people. I hope Lyra sees this. I'm pretty sure she's in Ecuador right now....

Unknown said...

What about these ones??


Michelle said...

Maybe she can send an email to the people at:
They're always finding the cheap version/knock-off of designer stuff.


She always finds the frugal version and tales email requests. I'm amazed how the finds the cheap (or should I be saying less expensive?) equivlants of designer looks...

Good luck to her!!

tam pham said...

you're such a helpful fashionista! fyi, the shoes that Hohan is wearing are Miu Miu. I hate her.

amber said...

that last pair is pretty cute and very summery. i think you did good D :)

KFR said...

Hmm... this post is making me recall a pair of Nine West black patent mary janes. I threw them out as they looked near-stripperish. Perhaps a mistake since am now seeing everywhere (and not on strippers). Sigh. C'est la vie!


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