Friday, January 11, 2008

The Scene
Woke up with a sore throat AGAIN and almost stayed home but figured there were too many single people to advise and that I could bear ONE more day so dragged my ass into The Office.

The weather was beautiful today. My lovely coworkers (who I would DIE without) all got together for a big, fat Italian lunch. During said meal of eggplant and linguine, I fashioned a bib to cover my silky top knowing I tend to stain my clothing when lost in a good meal. Almost walked out wearing my napkin bib. Ruh-oh.

A friend was like, "Put that picture on the blog!" Touche! What a nerdy piglet I is.

The Outfit
Silky grey bubble tunic with blue and fuchsia trim and big bejeweling
Forever 21 silver sprakly long sweater
Forever 21 black jeans
Vintage black wool coat

The Accents
Devi Kroell for Target silver hobo bag
Faux Chanel diamond studs
Gucci black shades
Marc Jacobs fuchsia round toe kitten heels with black trim and bow
Sparkly Louis Vuitton inspired bangle

The Grade


The Commentary
J'adore today's little number! It makes me look a bit preggers but I don't care. It officially became one of my "go-to's" in October on a trip back east. It was my friend Sable Crow's first time in NYC and we went to celebrate Halloween with two other besties from USC. (p.s. We ended up at the Roberto Cavalli Masquerade Ball thanks to Jean Bean - the singularly most fabulous fashion event of my far!)

Sable Crow and I paraded up and down 5th Avenue in the middle of the day pretending to be ladies who lunch. Loads of fun. Scored lots of compliments from the hoitty toitty shop girls in Saks and Bergdorffs. They would hone in on me and ask if they could help me find anything which means I looked luxe, like I had mucho dinero to drop. Suckers ;)

While I was there I wore it with my putty-colored Marc Jacobs hobo but today I decided to bust out a fun present my friends FancyPants and her Maha bought me for my 30th. It is from the Devi Kroell line for Tarjay. It's still a bit stiff (boo on plastic) and needs more breaking in, me thinks. It will work nicely for nights out when I need a bigger option than my sparkly clutch. Yay!

I also wore the sparkly bangle I bought in Chicago last month. It was a steal at $3 with a great Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas look just like the tote I got myself for my 30th birthday and the matching wallet my mama surprised me with for being all growns up.

Wah, I couldn't find the fuchsia headband I wore in NYC today but LOVE that pop of color when my hair is this dark! Am probably going blonder next month, getting bored with the natural look.
Maybe it will help usher in spring faster.

Happy, happy weekend to all and to all some fab shopping!!


weezermonkey said...

I mourn the loss of the fuchsia headband.

[moment of silence]

bubbie said...

I just wanna say that I love your style. I think it's great that you pair expensive pieces with not so expensive items from stores like forever 21. It makes your style less snooty and more fun and trendy.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Too bad about the fuchsia headband...fuchsia and orange are the colors that brought the monkey and I together! :) I couldn't bring myself to buy the LV bag, as even my hubs says I would get it sooo dirty, so I got a Chloe Paddington instead~yippie!!

Da Fashionista said...

kiss you, bubbie. thanks for reading.

mrs. shorty cake,
you would not believe how careful i am with the LV bag, trying to not paw at it too much or get my dirty mitts all over the handles. it is doing ok but definitely a hard one to keep pristine.

I am loving all things Chloe lately. heart the paddington!

R said...

Those shoes make me smile. :)

Da Fashionista said...


YOU make me smile!



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