Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Scene

Sundays are Mommy day.

The minute I see her today I realize I'm going to feature special guest stars in this blog. Anyone I spy who is looking adorable or inspired will be photographed and immortalized. Keep that in mind, dear readers.

My mom greets me wearing unexpected layers with her little Marc Jacobs cap toe shoes and Louis V. shopper and drop pearl Chanel earrings I gave her for Christmas last year. Adore!

As I take her photo, I ponder: Is sass in the genes or is it learned behavior? The nature v. nurture debate rages on...

Anyway, Mommy and me get oatmeal at her little French cafe, hit Shabby Chic, then Target, then sushi in the same MINI MALL where Kayne's mom was killed UN THEN we snoop around Nordstrom's before watching Juno. I choke up exactly 3 times towards the end of the movie.

p.s. I have a mad crush on the little nerdy boy in Juno who was also in Superbad. Reminds me of my Mr. Diabolina. Ugh - we're so in love it's disgusting!

The Outfit
Forever 21 tomato jersey bubble tunic
inspired by Rachel Pally
Vintage cerulean trench coat
Long black leggings

The Accents
Tall slouchy black boots
inspired by Chloe
Funny little dangly earrings
with gold, cerulean and tomato balls
Forever 21 skinny scarf
inspired by Jackson Pollock
Chanel black tote
Bailey Banks & Biddle Gold Bangle flecked with diamonds
Gucci black horsebit glasses

The Grade

The Commentary
I felt fab and sass today even in the rain
. The outfit garnered lots of looks around town and my mama loved the ensemble which is always a plus on Mommy Sundays. She likes to show off her daughter and I like to live up to her cuteness.

I am thinking this year is starting off very promising...


Anonymous said...

ay mommi

weezermonkey said...

Ahhh! I see you! I was cehcking my sitemeter stats and thought, "What is diabolinafashiondiary?"

And now I know! Fabulous! I am totally linking you and adding you to my Google reader. :)

Please say hi to that tall guy with blue eyes. ;)

tam pham said...

can your mommy adopt me?!? seriously, could that pic BE any cuter??? (please excuse my Chandler Bing emphasis on BE)


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